Thursday, October 6, 2011

Picture story: The conquerer and Mr Sheep

The conquerer
by Iftiqar (3 Cemerlang)

One day I sleep on my pillow. This pillow has the best dream. I dream I am a captain of a ship. I embark Portuguese ship. I want to go to Malacca with this ship. On the journey I fight with Spanish ship, Italian ship, and French ship. Suddenly I reach Malacca. I rule the country.

Teacher's comment:
Weird dream indeed. However, you have made a good job in telling your story. Maybe you will become a better ruler than the Portuguese?

Mr Sheep
by Ines

One day I was sleeping. And then, I was dreaming. There was a sheep. They called him Mr Sheep. Mr Sheep loved to ride his aeroplane. It was his hobby. So he flew away. We did not know where he was going. He was going to Australia to receive a blue packet. So the next day he took the blue packet. So he went home to the village. Everyone was so happy! Suddenly the King arrived. He wanted Mr Sheep to become the Prime Minister. The End.

Teacher's comment:
Hurm... I wonder what is inside the blue packet. It must be something that all the villagers like. Anyway, good job!


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