Saturday, February 11, 2012

Let's make a sandwich!

Last Friday, we had a special lesson with Ms Vanitha, 3 Bestari and 2 Bestari. We made sandwiches and iced lemon tea! Elements of entrepreneurship and learning how to learn were incorporated in the lesson, which was part of the requirement in the KSSR. Before everyone started making their own sandwiches, we made some preparations. Meanwhile, we had our representative, Kay Irdina from 2 Bestari, to do a demonstration on its process and procedure. Let's watch the video!

Once the demonstration was over, everyone made their own sandwiches. Then, we made some nice iced lemon tea!

3 Bestari girls

3 Bestari boys

Mr Fadhli was also present!

2 Bestari girls

Now, whose sandwich is this???


Ms Vanitha helping out

Mr Fadhli gave a thumb up

Our model of the day

Say cheese!

Mr Fayadh tried to make his own sandwich.

Try it yourself!


I had a fun time capturing th tape of my friends and the model, Kay Irdina.Thank you for reading my comment.

They are very nice sandwiches, are not they?

mr fayadh, may i have my bowl back please?

Yes, Alia. Thank you for reminding. I will give it back to you on Monday. By the way, nice sandwich! =)

Hi! I am Adam Ashraf from 3 Bestari.
I enjoyed making the tastes good!

I can see that most of you made delicious and wonderful sandwiches! And the iced lemon tea tasted just nice. Maybe next time you can make one for your parents and your class teacher ;)

Hi! I am Adam Haziq from 3 Bestari.
It was fun and I love eating sandwich ;p

Me too, Adam! Hey people, check this out:

Can we make the best sandwich in Malaysia too?

hi! i am nur shareena maisarah from 3 bestari.
it was fun and my mother like it!

kay thanks for show us how about to do it! :)

Thanks Shareena! Hope that we are able to make more interesting stuff in future! =)

your welcome enjoy your meal!

Mr fayadh this video is annoying! 

Why is it annoying ayra? huhu

Thanks Shareena! We all had so much fun that day :)

because I do not have in the video

Don't worry Ayra, I have a lot of other activities being planned for you. Hope you will get to have your pictures taken by then!

I didn't eat the sandwhich but I give to my parents...hehehehe..:)

Hi..My name is Nur Fatihah from 3 Bestari.It is a much fun with the sandwich.

Yes, I like it too? Too bad I could not make one that day... =(

I eat the sandwich with my family.I eat one only[..]

Kay,your sandwich is so cute.hahaha...

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