Monday, April 9, 2012

NiE Templates

The NiE templates will be out on 13th of April (Friday). All you have to do once you have the paper:

1. Do a cover page
2. Start working on your content!
3. Make sure it is about 300 words

The theme of this year's competition is "Why English?". So, you can write about anything related to English language, for example: Your experience in English Classroom, the history of English, how do you use English everyday, English and Technology etc.


1. You can divide your work so that it would be easy to get 300 words (1 person does 60 words)
2. Pick one interesting topic to work on. Brainstorm on ideas!

More tips coming soon.

Meanwhile, those who are interested to join, leave your comments below. We need as many groups as we can for the competition! Refer to the links below:

How to enter the competition

Previous entries


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