Thursday, January 19, 2012

I'm coming home

Yesterday students of 3 Impian and 3 Dinamik sang an adaptation of the song "I'm Coming Home". This was in line with the Year 3 topic "Home Sweet Home". The lyrics had been changed to suit the topic and the students' proficiency. Let's see how 3 Dinamik sing it!

3 Harapan also sang in their own ways. Despite the heavy rain, they were able to sing loud and clear!

Can you try and sing it too?


i love song of i'm coming home

I like this song. Its beautiful song and its great.

That just for my comment.

From azmeir, tq mr fayad.

Thank you Azmeir. It is good that you like the song. I hope we can sing wonderful songs after this! You guys are great singers! =)

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