MBMMBI is a policy to replace PPSMI. There are several changes made in the curiculum such as extending more time in Bahasa Malaysia and English. As part of our commitment to the new policy, we are hoping to have good amount of resources in teaching the languages. Among the important resources include:

Establishing Language Lab

Currently, we are only using computer labs on several occasions. This is because the room is being used for Year 6 classes. However, the new curriculum requires teachers to use ICT more frequently. This also allows children to gain access to more effective visual and audio learning. We are hoping to be able to use the room more effectively.

Maintaining LCD projectors

Several LCD projectors are too old and some are unusable. We are hoping that if we have the projectors working, we do not have to always go to the computer room. Instead, teaching and learning can take place in our classroom.

We will keep ourselves updated soon.


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