Wednesday, March 28, 2012

About my pet

Students from the United States of America talked about their pets.

The video was taken by Mr Fateh in Nashville. Do you have a pet? Write about your pet. Use the questions to help you.

What is the name of your pet?
How many times do you feed the pet?
How many times to do you bathe your pet?
How do you spend time with your pet?


Hi Kate,
I am Darwisyah.I have a cat.
My pet’s name is Comot. I feed my pet two times a day. I bathe my pet 2 times
a month. I bring my cat to the park every weekend.


I watch this video at computer lab

Let's show them our videos too! =)

I watch this videos at computer lab :)

hi MR FAYADH, this is video was nice. I have a pet hamster name Daisy. She is a nice little,cute hamster. She is fat and grey in colour. bye!

That sounds very nuce, Phit! How did you spend time with your pet?

Oh I spend my time with Daisy massaging her and playing with her. Bye

I watch this video in the computer lab.....

Was it hard to understand them, fatihah?

Yes,it so hard to understand what they say[=..]

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