Tuesday, March 27, 2012

English month is back!

Back in a blast! This year's ELMO 12 (English Language Month 2012) is going to be filled with so many activities! It was launched on Monday morning by Pn Jamilah Abdul Rahman and Tuesday evening by En Ishak bin Osman. We had a wondeful performance by 3 Dinamik entitled L.O.V.E.

Miss Hidayah  as the Master of Ceremony

Mdm Theva representing the English Panel

Students waiting for surprise.

Speech by En Ishak

Taking off blank papers

Meanwhile, guess who came to our school on Tuesday? It's Elmo!

Elmo is going to be this year's mascot. If you come across him, do not forget to say hello!

Thank you so much to all the teachers who are involved and helping to make the opening ceremony a success. Let's rock the school throughout the month!


my name is Nor Khaissira from 3 dinamik i do performance yesterday it so fun.

Thank you Khaissira! Your class did a wonderful job. Congratulations! =)

Welcome Elmo to SKTBI! You will njoy your stay with us. We students from 3 - Dinamik Rocks!!!!

Thank you for your comment Mahha! Elmo said he is having a wonderful time with students of SK Taman Bukit Indah.. =)

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