Monday, April 2, 2012

Animal quiz

Year 6 students of SK Lembah Keramat has some questions for Year 3 students of SK Taman Bukit Indah! Can you try and figure out the answers?

The first person to get one of these correct will get a free gift!


The answer for question nom. 2 is that zebras run in group because they want to protect themselves from predators . Mr Fayadh I cannot hear what the girl said in question nom. 1'n' nom.3 will not come.

The third question answer is frog

First question answer is panda

3rd answer is frog and turtle.

Phit: i comment it first! :P

Thank you for your answers! Let's see who gets them correct ;)

emm... it's not look any good..i can't give my answer... it's terrible!!

Do not worry Alia... there will be more quizzes after this!

Mr Fayadh who is the winner ? When will the presents be given ?

Hi,i'm from 3BESTARI.I answer the questions correctly.

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