Friday, April 6, 2012

Farewell Madam Theva!

Today was the last day of our great teacher, Madam Theva. She has been in our school for about 10 years. We are very happy to have met her.

With En Ishak

Ustaz Azam 

With Guru Besar

En Ishak making way for Madam Theva

Last goodbye

Elmo had a chance to meet her too!

Thank you very much for being a wonderful teacher. The children of SK Taman Bukit Indah will miss you.


mr.fayadh,why madam theva leave sktbi?

Madam Theva is promoted to Penolong Kanan HEM, so she needs to go to the school where there is no Penolong Kanan HEM. Let's wish for her success in new school. She has been a wonderful teacher in SKTBI.

I will miss Madam Theva... :(

everyone will miss her too, Safiah.. :(

Good luck and great success to Ms Theva at the new school and new position. Hope she remembers us all at SKTBI!

She would probably remember all of you... especially the naughty ones...;)

why does madan theva leave without her son

You may have to ask Madam Theva personally, Khidr. =)

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