Wednesday, April 4, 2012

This year's English language month is Elmo. Elmo lives in Sesame Street, and now he is paying a visit to our school. Have you seen Elmo in school? He has been walking around and talking to people. He also went for his first Canteen Day. If you happen to see him, don't forget to say hello!

Here is an interview with Elmo. Let's hear what Elmo has to say:

Quiz time!

1. What does Elmo like to do?
2. How long does it take for Elmo to paint his house?
3. How do you get to Sesame Street?

The first one to be able to answer ALL 3 questions will get a free gift! Hurry!


1. Elmo likes to have playdates with all his friends and dorothy.
2. 2 and a half weeks to paint his house.
3. Take a plane or bus or the subway to sesame street.
Hope my answers are correct!

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