Tuesday, May 8, 2012

NiE The Star Magazine: How to create Layout?(Part one)

Before you start creating your magazine, you might want to look for some inspiration from other magazines. Let's look at some of the interesting cover pages.

Once you have an idea of a cover page, let's look at how you can create the content pages.
Picture is an important element for your magazine. Look for good ones.
Write interesting story in your magazine. Stick to the "English" theme!
You can also put some advertisements or comics.
Put more information such as procedures and tips.
Write specific information about people and place.
These are some of the completed magazines.
If you want to go for the win, you must always stick to the theme "Why English". I will post more guide after this. All the best!


Congratulations to those who had submitted your magazines. Others, what are you waiting for? Let's do it! =)

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