Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Shadow Puppet

Shadow play is a traditional performance. It was an entertainment before television was even invented! The shadow play is used to tell stories and myths. The puppeteer will sit behind the screen and moves the puppets around. The lamp is used to light up the screen. This will allow the shadow to appear. There are different types of shadow play around the world. More than 20 countries have a shadow play performance. The Chinese shadow play is called 皮影戏 (pí yĭng xì). Indian shadow theatre is called 'Killekyata'. Let's watch a shadow play from Turkey. Can you figure out what they are talking about? In Malaysia and Indonesia, the shadow play is called 'Wayang Kulit'. The puppets are controlled by the puppeteer called 'dalang'. He is also the storyteller. Let's watch a video of a famous dalang in Indonesia. Have you watched a live performance before?


I watch this video at computer lab :D

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