Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Things they do

3 Bestari made a mindmap on things that their parents do at work. Which picture belongs to your group?


My parent's work is in the last photo. Sir, I had a great time doing the mind map. Let's do more mind maps :-)

Sure, Kay! There's plenty of time for that! ;)

i am ooiyewshan and hi mr fayadh

ya mr fayadh . we got a lot time doing mind map

Hi Ooi Yew Shan! Glad that you are able to log into the site. Feel free to post comments here! =)

hi KAY and MR FAYADH , i dont have an google account thats why i click anonymous

the first picture is me!!!!!!,Kay i wrote scienctist and this Sukhjit wrote golf seller and pilot!!!!!.Thats all i want to tell everyone here. bye-bye Kay,MR Fayadh and other..........., Its so nice here . i mean my home-)
i am going to celebrate HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!!!
and when HARI RAYA time i will say hari raya!!!!!!!!

thanks to,
ooiyewshan (3 bestari)

so sorry now i click ooiyewshan[3 bestari]

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