Sunday, April 10, 2011

Project Work

Since last two weeks, we have been working on a project work to present the audience with children's presentation on animals. Three different categories were presented - Zoo, Aquaria and Vet Clinic. This is in line with the topics presented in the English Year 3 Textbook.

3 Cemerlang were given the chance to do journalism. Here are some of the pictures of children doing their work:

3 Cemerlang

3 Gemilang had also been given the opportunity to work on their own presentation. They will be presenting their work in future. Here's some of the photos:


cikgu, tak ada pun video wartawan.

I will upload the video after I have finished editing soon =)

Thank you cikgu for sharing the English activities news with us.....keep up the good work...we really appreciate it....."Mama Ines"..

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