Thursday, July 7, 2011

Nie: Magazine and Video Contestants

These are the magazines that were sent to the Star office early in July. Out of the 9 groups, 7 groups had managed to come out with their videos about their magazines. Congratulations to all participants from 3 Cemerlang. Let's see all of their interesting videos here.

Like Mr.Grizzly said, which group is the best? Please send your positive comments and suggestion on how to improve any of the video. Remember the rule before commenting: Respect your friends! =)


MR. Fayadh is my video ok? It is the diamond castle :) ines

yes, it is very nice! Your group is very creative. I like the way you present your video. All of you are well-prepared! Keep it up!

I hope more people will comment on all videos =)

-Mr Fayadh

MR.FAYADH is my magazine ok?

Salam Luqman,
Yes it is. However, with a little more practice, I think your team can do better. Like I always said, team work is important. It is not only your ideas that I want to see. But I want to see how you and your friends work together to make them come true!

Hope to see more creative work from your team =)

-Mr Fayadh

mr.fayadh is my magazine is ok


MR.Fayadh is my magazine is ok

Khidr: yes, it is very nice. I wish your group would have more time to work on your magazine. But you have done a tremendous effort on it! Hope you, Faiz and others will be joining the competition again in future.

Zihan: Yes, it is okay. Your group is creative because you talked about family. No group has done that yet. However, I hope One Piece would have more time to create your magazine. You may also want to read more about family. I hope all of you will join again next time with something fantastic! =)

MR.Fayadh is my magazine ok?

Salam Faiz,
Yes your magazine is ok. I hope that in the next competition you are able to make a video of your magazine, that is if you wish to join. I really want to see all of you talking about your favourite food! =)

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