Thursday, October 6, 2011

Picture story: Harry and me, Mr and Mrs Bunny

Yesterday the students were asked to come up with a story based on 2 pictures given by their teacher. The pictures showed an aeroplane and a jet. Here are some of the stories that might interest you:

Harry and me

by Ariff Aiman (3 Cemerlang)

I sleep in jet. The jet is blue in colour. I sleep on a pillow. One day, I fell from sky. I was about to die but Harry Potter saved me. Harry Potter taught me how to play with magic. After 10 years, I become a magician. Harry becomes my best friend forever.

Picture by Alisa.

Teacher's comment:
A very creative attempt with very simple language. I never thought such a story can be related to famous movie characters such as Harry Potter. Keep up the good work and you will become a good writer.

Mr Bunny and Mrs Bunny

One day,Mr Bunny got an aeroplane. He loves aeroplane. He likes to pilot the aeroplane with his wife Mrs Bunny. The next day, Mrs Bunny got a jet. Mr Bunny was jealous. They exchange the aeroplane.Then Mrs Bunny gave Mr Bunny the jet and Mr Bunny gave her the aeroplane. And they live happily ever after.

Teacher's comment:
There is a good moral value to this story. It shows that there must be mutual respect between people. Tolerance is also important to create a harmonious environment. Keep up the good work!

More coming up later.


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