Monday, November 14, 2011

On borrowed time

Students of 3 Cemerlang, 3 Iltizam and 3 Progresif were given a lesson on environment today. They were shown some videos on the rainforest and endangered species. This was based on a Year 3 topic of Flora and Fauna. 3 Progresif were given extra worksheets to guide them with the topic.

Here is the original short film shown just now, entitled "On Borrowed Time". It was produced by WWF Malaysia.

What do you think about the story? You can use these questions to help you:

1. Do you think the poachers are doing the right thing?
2. How can the animals become endangered?
3. Will the animals survive in the future, or will they be extinct?
4. Do you think we are helping these animals? Why?
5. Can you help to fight against these illegal poachers? How?


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