Saturday, March 31, 2012

Elmo's first Canteen Day.

Elmo went for his first Canteen Day. He was so excited this morning! He saw many people walking around the school compound. Mr Fayadh brought him around to see wonderful and friendly people of SKTBI.

Elmo met Mr Fayadh here.

Taking photos with Year 1 teachers

Elmo with Ms Aziela and Mdm Hawa


Elmo was so happy!

Elmo having a good time with Mr Ishak

How was your Canteen Day? Did you have fun? Did you get to see Elmo?


i go to canteen day it so...... FUN!!!!!! :)

I had so much fun! Looks like our Elmo also had a good time too :D I like the Haunted House best!

Yes. Elmo said he really had a great time! Sadly it was raining, and Elmo does not like to get wet! He hopes that he will be able to meet more people next time.

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