Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Starmag Group Submission

Dear students,
The Star Magazine Competition is back! Before we can start working on our templates, students are required to submit your group names to Mr Fayadh. Each group should consist of 4 to 5 students. Level 2 students (Year 4 to 6) are highly encouraged to join. Please submit your names, and group name before April 9. You can just post your group names in the comment section or just pop your names on Mr Fayadh's desk. I will post more information on the competition in future.

*Please note that each template costs only RM1.

Example of submission:

Group name: Star Girl


1.Chia Dian Yi
3.Ain Ezette

All the best!


owh, and please state your class too so that I can track you down and pass to you the templates.

hi sir!!why english???i love english very much....

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