Saturday, March 24, 2012

Where did you go during your holiday?

Last school holiday, students of SK Taman Bukit Indah travelled to many different places. Aleya from 3 Bestari for example, went to India. Meanwhile, Nasuha from 3 Dinamik went to Sarawak. Azmeir from 3 Dinamik brought an interesting postcard from Kellie's Castle.

By Aleya

By Nasuha

Postcard by Azmeir.

So where did you go during the holiday?


I went to my kampung at Pekan,Pahang.

That is very nice, Safiah. How did you feel when you were staying in the kampung? Did you like it? Did you meet the animals that we talked about in class? ;)

I didn't get to go anywhere.But, I have so much fun.:)

I go to my kampung in Seberang Takir,Terengganu.

i go to Port Dickson,Negeri Sembilan.

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