Monday, May 7, 2012

Raja Nanas by 3 Bestari

3 Bestari created a comic strip based on the story, Raja Nanas. There were many versions of the story. Let's read each of the strip.

Which comic strip do you think is the most creative?


I like the story about Raja Nanas because I love to eat nanas. Hehehe :D

hye safiah.i also like to eat about u mr.fayadh.

I like to eat nanas too, ain. But I like to eat it with Briyani. Yum yum! =)

Hye Safiah and Ain. I also like to eat nanas.

Hi Safiah.I like to eat nanas too.Nanas is healthy but don't eat too much.

Fatihah: Hi. Same!! High 5! Hehehe!

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