Thursday, July 12, 2012

a, an, the

Today, 3 Gemilang learned about articles a, an and the. Article is an adjective. So, it changes the noun. What is the difference between a/an and the? a/an is used to tell something that is not specific.

 For example, Umairah is a doctor. Meanwhile, the is to talk about something specific.

 For example, The doctor is Umairah.

 Let's try another one. Let's read a book! - which means you can pick any book you like.

  Let's read the book! -which means you have the specific book in mind, like Spiderman, Ben10 etc.

 What about a and an? Why are they different?

  an - is for any noun that starts from the letter a,e,i,o,or u

a - is for any noun that starts from anything but the letter a,e,i and u Try it yourself! Here is a test for you: 

Reference: Purdue OWL


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