Friday, September 7, 2012

Green Finger Week 1

3 Bestari worked on a  project. It was messy!

What were they doing?


Sir Fayadh,pokok saya dah tumbuh!! Saya amat gembira tapi apapun, tahniah untuk Khairi al Khushairi &Phitsenukwat Chai dia orang punya tumbuh yang paling banyak.Sir pun kalah dengan diaorang.Sir lose!!

Sir mine didnt grow at all. Can i change the plant? Anything congratulations to Khairi Al Khusairi and Phisenukwatchai.

Alia: Not fair! Somebody dropped the soil from my container. Hehe.But don't worry, I shall prevail! ;)

Dian: You might want to try for a few days. Actually it should take quite a long time for the beans to grow. But somehow Khairi and Phi's plant miraculously grew very fast! But you can add another plant while waiting for the Balsam to grow. I have seen one tiny Balsam coming out just now from one of your friend's container. :)

oh ok, but somebody dropped the soil from your container is your partner right? and you lose!! your partner is Shareena.

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