Thursday, November 8, 2012

The James's story.

There are many versions of James's story. 

One day, James was walking down the street. And then, there was a dog. It wanted to chase him. And then, there was a dog catcher. So, the dog catcher caught the dog. And he brought the dog back home. He kept it as a pet. The pet is a doggish cat. It is male. It is brown in colour. Its name is Fluffy. It has a fur. It has sharp claws. Its whiskers are so long. It is so cute. Its tail has many furs.

Group 2

One day, James was walking down the street. James went to KLCC. Then, he saw a grandmother was crying. He likes walking down the street. James fell down and he cried. He helped his grandmother. He took a vase. He plantes a flower. He planted a lily flower. The plant grew very quick. The plant's name was Roses. Roses was very hungry.Then, James gave Roses food. Roses was very happy. Roses smelled very nice. Roses was red in colour.

Group Champion

One day, James was walking down the street. Suddenly, he was knocked by a car. He was injured. An old man saw the people injured and sent him to hospital. The people that was injured woke up from the dead. His family visited him in hospital. His mother was very worried about him. He was in very critical mode. He was very tired. He won't give up. He walked and walked. But, he fell down. He was crying. Then, he called the ambulance.

Group 1

One day, James was walking down the street. James saw something strange near the street. It was small and yellow in colour. He was a kindergarten boy. He didn't know what a bird looked like. So, he asked his mummy. "Mummy, what is this?"

His mummy said, "It was a bird"
"Now I know this is a bird," said James.
"What type of bird is it?" asked James.
"It is a Kiwi bird," said his mummy.
"Okay, now I know," said James.
"Let's go to the supermarket," said mummy.
He went to the supermarket.
He bought a chocolate cake.
Then, he and his mummy walked back to their home.
"Today you learned many things," said mummy.
Good night mummy.
Good night James.

Marvel Universe

Which story do you think is true? Which story do you like most?


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