Thursday, May 1, 2014

Poison Box.

Let's play Poison Box! Mr Ammar showed how it was done. Students of 3 Akik did a role play based on what they have learned in the previous lesson. I wonder what were they doing?


MR.Ammar i miss you so much

Mr.Ammar we all miss you.And we all happy play posion box. From: 3 Akik

sktbi are best
this is me anis yasmin safi from 3 akik wish you are the best mr fayahd
ok i really like this page

Mr.Ammar i miss you Mr.Ammar harap-harap Mr.Ammar balik sini lagi.

Hi , I am from standard 4 , I missed MR FAYADH LANI .

We Have a new teacher called :

Sir Firdaus , Sir Syafiq , Sir Anmar and Sir Adham ......

We Miss You !!!

FROM , 4 Jed Team


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